Annual Harvesters Challenge

It’s that time again! CFS is happy to kick-off their 3rd annual Corporate Harvesters Challenge! We believe in having a positive impact on the communities that surround our various offices, and this is one of our favorite ways to give back! Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition between branches? What better way then through the gift of food, and our local food bank, Harvesters, is the best way to do it!

This is the glory that we are battling for, this amazing gold trophy! For the last year it has resided in the KCMO office, last year’s winners. Who will take it this year? Who will proudly display this gorgeous work of art?




According to, 1 in 7 Americans struggle with food insecurity issues. Not knowing where your next meal will come from is terrifying and for a family, a huge added stress. We want to make food available to those that need it most. If you wish to donate, please contact one of our offices in your area, we would be happy to add your donation to ours. If you wish to make a bigger impact, please visit the Harvesters webpage and find out how to make the biggest impact. Together we can help make these bleak, harsh winter months a little warmer for those in need.



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