Civil Engineering Lawrence

Civil Engineering lawrence

Civil Engineering Lawrence

Searching for Civil Engineering Lawrence? Find CFS! We offer quality, client driven Civil Engineering services in Lawrence, Ks….but our office has moved! We’re very happy to have acquired the building at 2121 Moodie Road in east Lawrence! With tons of space, our Geotech department can stretch out and make themselves at home. We have some amazing new talent to help serve your needs, and we are happy to dig our heels in and make our presence permanent. When it comes to civil engineering Lawrence, CFS Engineers is ready to serve! Need a map? Head to our Lawrence office page and get found! Questions about how we can help you? Head over to our services page! Are you a huge fan of Civil Engineering? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for daily updates! If you are interested in visiting our new office in Lawrence, please contact us: (785) 856.9600

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