Keep calm and monitor the pour! Geotech services are now in Lawrence, KS.

Keep calm and monitor the pour! Geotech services are now in Lawrence, KS.

Geotech Services Infiltrate Lawrence

News to your ears? Have you been searching for geotech services in your area? Are you located in or around Lawrence, Kansas?  Have I asked you enough questions?

Well, thankfully, the Lawrence office is here to fulfill all your geotech needs! We have a full service testing lab located in our office. We are ready to test your concrete, monitor the pour and analyze your soils.

Need an explanation of geotech? Who doesn’t?? It’s one of the most overlooked needs for construction sites and civil engineering projects! Geotech engineering is the branch of civil engineering that addresses earth materials and how they influence projects. A typical geotech project begins with a site evaluation to determine what influences the physical environment will have on a construction site, and ultimately the structure that is being built. A specialized engineer can determine what kind of foundation is needed based on the materials of earth below the site. This is important when it comes to stabilization and building codes.

You can learn more about geotech engineering and see awesome pictures here.

CFS’ geotech and special inspection services supplement our engineering services to provide an added benefit to our clients with the capability to provide services from the beginning phases to the completion of the project.  Specific geotech services CFS offers include:

Field Explorations
Foundation Design and Recommendations
Pavement Evaluation and Design
Forensic Studies
Laboratory Testing
Expert Witness and Earthwork Recommendations
Building Construction Inspection Services include monitoring and testing of:
Earth and Stone Fill
Structural Steel

Naturally, we’re pretty good at geotech thing, so you should probably contact us! Visit our projects page or contact our offices! We love discussing new projects! So keep calm and pour on with confidence that CFS has the services you need!

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