Edwardsville Trail

The Edwardsville Trail project included the construction of a 6,300 linear feet of a 10’ wide multi-use path along the Kansas River… read more »

State Line Station

The project was master-planned into 4 Units with a total land area of 126 acres.  The project was     partially funded with tax… read more »

Stokes Road Bridge

The new Stokes Road Bridge replaces an existing low  water crossing at Little DryWood Creek located southwest of Nevada.  The existing crossing… read more »

Shawnee Plaza

Shawnee Plaza Shopping Center in Shawnee, Kansas was a nearly vacant, blighted strip   center suffering from a bad economy and lack of… read more »

Lake Shawnee Trail

This trail involved a master plan and engineering design. The master plan focused on the development of a multipurpose trail that connected… read more »